How to install and config Product badges

Reminder: Make sure you meet the requirements of the plugin.
  • You can download the Product Badges plugin here
  • After that you need to add your Application Password to the auth setting of the plugin
    • You can create Application Password by go to Users -> Admin -> Add New Application Password to generate a new Application Password (If you already have one you can use it instead)
    • If you doesn't see this option. Please download this plugin and redo the step above
    • After you have your Application Password, you can go to the Magic Badges's auth setting on your side bar
  • After that you can fill these fields
    • Your username (1)
    • Your application password (2)
  • You can upgrade to the pro version of the plugin by click on the upgrade plan and paste you purcahse code in (you can find your purchase code here)
  • Click on ''Save Change'' button and you are ready to go.